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Agarwal Dharamshala

Agarwal Dharamshalas are to be found in almost every town and city in India. People ask - Is there an Agarwal Bhavan near me, or where I am going? The answer is - Yes. Maharaja Agrasen Ashram, Vrindavan is located in Raman Reti, near Iskcon. Agrawal dharamshalas in Mumbai are spread all over- from the business district to many of the suburbs. Agarwal Dharamshala in Udaipur is centrally located near the Nagar Nigam bus stand. Agarwal Ashram in Ujjain is near the temple and bus stand. Agarwal Ashram in Haridwar can be found on Sapt Sarovar road. Aggarwal Dharamshala in Govindpuri also offers halls for functions. Aggrawal Dharamshala in Mathura is in the Tilak Dwar area. Aggarwal Dharamshala in Ballabgarh is convenient locations near Faridabad. Agarwal in Mumbai and Agarwal in Hyderabad caters mostly to businessmen. In case you are not able to book rooms in Agarwal Bhavans, then the best alternative would be to book rooms at a Maheshwari Samaj , a Gujarati Samaj, or Swaminarayan community Dharamshala on the YatraDham.Org website . You will find a similar atmosphere and food availability as in Agarwal Bhavans.

Agarwal Community

Agarwal caste category can be split into 18 Gotras, belonging to the Vaishya or Baniya caste. They are known for their skills in business and trade. Agarwal and Maheshwari are two different names of the same caste and type, but with some minor differences. Akhil Bharatiya Agarwal Sammelan is an all India NGO consisting of many influential members from the Agarwal Community and has their main office in Karol Bagh, Delhi.


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