• Located 7 km from Madurai bus stand, YD Stay 4901 (Hotel Boopathi) offers two, four and six bedded AC rooms. Parking for vehicles is available. ...

    • Check-In:24:00 Hrs.
    • Check-Out:24:00 Hrs.
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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  • Located 1 km from the Madurai Railway Station, Madurai - New Sri Thirupathi Residency offers two and Four-bedded AC and Non AC rooms  ...

    • Check-In:24 Hrs.
    • Check-Out:24 Hrs.
    • Food Facility:No
    • Parking:Yes
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Guesthouse/Hotels/Rooms in Madurai

If you are looking for a hotel near the famous Meenakshi Temple, YatraDham.Org has plenty of options for you. Madurai has many hotels and cottages that offer comfortable rooms, amenities, and facilities for a pleasant stay. Whether you are looking for budget accommodation or a luxurious stay, you can easily find hotels near Meenakshi Temple.

If you are looking for a dormitory room in Madurai, YatraDham.Org can help you find the best options. With a wide range of dormitory rooms, you can find the best accommodation to suit your budget and needs. The dormitory rooms come with basic amenities and offer a comfortable stay for a group of people.

 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What accommodation options are available in Madurai?

Travelers or Devotees who are looking for their night stay, then we provide some best options at a reasonable cost with appropriate facilities, which include, Madurai-Shree Madura Gujarati Samaj, Madurai-YD Stay 4901(Hotel Bhoopathi). If you have any queries then contact us YatraDham.Org.

2. What is Madurai famous for?

The city has many historical monuments, the most prominent being the Meenakshi Temple and Thirumalai Nayak Palace. Madurai is an important industrial and educational center in south Tamil Nadu.

3. Which Dharamshala in Madurai near Meenakshi Amman Temple?

Madurai-Shree Madura Gujrati Samaj, Madurai-Yd Stay 4901(Hotel Bhoopathi) are Dharamshala which are located 1-2 km from Meenakshi Amman Temple.

4. Which facilities are available in accommodation?

Madurai Shree Madura Gujrati Samaj provides a Food facility, Drinking water Facility, Hot water facility, and in Madurai YD Stay 4901(Hotel Bhoopathi) which provides a Parking Facility, Drinking water Facility, and Hot water facility at a reasonable cost which feels like homely comfortable atmosphere.

5. Which Dormitory in Madurai near Madurai Railway Station?

Madurai-Shree Madurai Gujarati Samaj has situated 3 km from Madurai Railway station and Madurai YD Stay is located 2 km away from the Madurai railway station.

6. Is there any Gujarati Dharamshala available in Madurai?

Yes, Madurai-Shree Madurai Gujarati Samaj is available for your night stay which provides a food facility, Drinking water facility, and Hot water facility at a reasonable cost.


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