Naimisharanya / Neemsar

Guest House Accommodation in Naimisharanya

If you are looking for your night's stay in Naimisharanya then, YatraDham.Org offers Adichunchunagiri Mahasansthan math, Naimisharanya- Maharashtra Bhavan Yatri Nivas, and Naimisharanya Shree Nathji Haveli Ashram for your stay which provides appropriate services at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Is Dharamshala available in Naimisharanya for a stay?

Yes, offers Dharamshala/Ashram for your stay which is Adichunchunagiri Mahasansthan math, Naimisharanya- Maharashtra Bhavan Yatri Nivas, Naimisharanya- Shree Nathji Haveli at a reasonable cost with convenient services.

2. What type of facility is available for Accommodation?

Naimisharanya-Maharashtra Yatri Nivas and Naimisharanya- Shree Nathji Haveli provides a Parking facility, Drinking water facility, and Hot water facility at Minimum cost.

3. What is the timing for the darshan of the Naimisharanya Temple?

This temple is one of the eight spontaneous realms of Lord Vishnu. The temple is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

4. Where do yatris like to book rooms in Naimisharnya?

Most of travelers prefer to book rooms near tourist places as most of the other sightseeing places are nearby.

5. What are tourist places are close to Dharamshala?

Hanuman Garhi Temple(1 km to 1.5km away), Lalita Devi Temple(1 km away from accommodation) and Dadhichi Kund (10 km away) are sightseeing places that tourists should visit near the Dharamshala.

6. What is the distance between Dharamshala to Ayodhya?

The distance between Naimisharanya Shree Nathji Haveli, Adichunchunagiri Mahasansthan math is 218 km away from Ayodhya.


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