Bodh Gaya

  • Located 0.1 km from the Bodh Gaya bus stand, Shri Birla Mandir Dharamshala offers you-bedded AC and non AC rooms as well as basic rooms. Meals and oth...

    • Check-In:12:00 PM
    • Check-Out:12:00 PM
    • Food Facility:No
    • Parking:No
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Hotels/Accommodation in Bodh Gaya

If you are planning a trip with your family to Bodh Gaya then, we have some best accommodation options for you which are, Bodh Gaya - Birla Mandir Dharamshala at a budget price with appropriate services. There are many sightseeing places near accommodation: Maha Bodhi Temple, Great Buddha statue, thai monastery wat thai Temple, Muchalinda Lake, Royal Bhutan Temple, Jagannath Mandir, and Archaeological Museum that tourists should visit. Make your stay memorable in Bodh Gaya with the availability of nearby attractions including all the best amenities. If you want to know more then, contact us at YatraDham.Org.We will reach you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What are accommodation options available for a stay in Bodhgaya?

If you are looking for a night’s stay in Bid Gaya then, we have some best accommodation options for you which are- Bodh Gaya- Bodh Gaya- Birla Mandir Dharamshala at a reasonable cost with appropriate services. For more details, visit YatraDham.Org.

2. Is YatraDham.Org reliable for online room booking?

YatraDham.Org provides the facility to book and secure your night’s stay in Bodh Gaya before you reach the venue. It will take some time to process the booking and refund the money to your account.

3. What are tourist places close to accommodation in Bodhgaya?

Maha Bodhi temple, Great Buddha statue, Thau monastery wat thai temple, Muchalinda lake, Royal Bhutan Temple, Jagannath Mandir, and Archaeological museum are top attractions places close to accommodation that tourists should visit.

4. Where do travelers like to book rooms in Bodhgaya?

Most travelers like to book rooms near tourist places because most other places of interest are nearby.

5. Why should you choose YatraDham.Org?

YatraDham.Org provides appropriate services at a reasonable cost near tourist destinations.

6. What is Bodhgaya famous for?

Bodhgaya is the most important and sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site in the world. He was here under a banyan tree, a Bodhi tree, Gautam had attained the supreme knowledge to become a Buddha, enlightened.

7. What are the booking reviews of YatraDham.Org?

Travelers or Yatris provide their reviews according to facilities provided by Hotels/Accommodation. They book their rooms based on customer reviews.

8. Do hotels in Bodhgaya have any check-in policy?

Many hotels provide a 24-hour check-in policy. It is still recommended to call and inquire before Booking.


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