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Chandrapuri Accommodation

  • Located at a distance of 600 meters from the Chandrapuri Bus Stand. Shri Hari Om Tatsat Home Stay offers two, three, four and six-bed non-AC rooms and...

    • Check-In:02:00 PM
    • Check-Out:11:00 AM
    • Food Facility:No
    • Parking:Yes
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  • Located at a distance of 700 meters from the Chandrapuri bus stand. Hotel Shikhar offers three, four and five-bed non-AC rooms, as well as a dormitory...

    • Check-In:10:00 AM
    • Check-Out:10:00 AM
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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Best Hotel in Chandrapuri Uttarakhand

Chandrapuri has options for all tastes and budgets. Stay at Chandrapuri Resort for modern comfort near attractions or choose a comfortable Chandrapuri Guest House close to temples. Experience the local culture with homemade meals at Chandrapuri Homestays or enjoy luxury at Chandrapuri Heritage Hotels. Nature lovers can choose the beautiful Chandrapuri Eco-Resorts. Don't forget to make bookings in advance, especially during busy times!

Shri Hari Om Tatsat Home Stay, Hotel Shikhar, Mystic Kailasha, Heaven Hills Cottages, Snowpod Kedarnath Resort, The Raibaar Chalet and Hotel Himalayan Dews are the best options to stay in Chandrapuri. Book your stay in Chandrapuri from YatraDham.Org.

More About Chandrapuri Accommodation

Starting Room Price Rs. 499
Properties available Dharamshala, Hotels, Guest House, Ashram and Homestay
Chandrapuri Dharamshala 3+
Top Places to Visit in Chandrapuri Croanch Parvat, Atariya Mandir and Deoria Taal
Nearby Temples Shri Madmaheshwar Temple and Shri Bhairavnath Temple

Chandrapuri Kedarnath Route Stay

If accommodations in Chandrapuri are full or not your preference check these alternative stay options on the Kedarnath route.

FAQs for Chandrapuri Room Booking

1. Are there budget-friendly accommodation options in Chandrapuri?

Yes, Chandrapuri offers budget-friendly accommodation options such as guesthouses and homestays which provide comfortable stays at affordable prices.

2. Are there any luxury accommodation options in Chandrapuri?

Yes, Chandrapuri has luxury accommodation options including The Shangrila Resort, Snowpod Kedarnath Resort and Humming Bird By Aaryam.

3. How can I book accommodation in Chandrapuri?

You can book accommodation in Chandrapuri through YatraDham.Org.

4. Is it necessary to book accommodation in advance in Chandrapuri?

It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and to get the best deals.

5. What types of accommodation are available in Chandrapuri?

Chandrapuri offers a variety of accommodation options including dharamshala, hotels, resorts, guesthouses and homestays.