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Why YatraDham?

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Why YatraDham?

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YatraDham.Org - Stay Religious, Stay Blessed!

Why to book with YatraDham?

Our religious trusts are working hard and spending good amount of money to ensure followers are getting best of the facilities for the stay and can follow their religious rituals as well. Most of the facilities have either in premises Temple or they are near to the popular temples. Most of them are also providing the Bhojanshalas so one can eat pure food at clean place. We believe that you and your family will be very happy spiritually and mentally by staying at such places. Your stay will motivate Trusts and Religious as well to always make their service better for you.

  • Stay Religious, Stay Blessed! Feel the power of religious places by staying at Dharmshalas.
  • Easy to use, Easy to book and affordable.
  • All the facilities specified by the Dharmshala trusts are well listed for easy comparison.
  • Photos are available so one can feel the place before booking
  • All the rules and regulations are well listed
  • You can create your profile and add places to your wish list. You can also recommend places to your friends.
  • You can review the facilities you might have stayed at so other user can feel the level before booking.
  • Subscribe to the Newsletters to get regular updates for the religious activities.
  • Easy to print and carry booking receipt.

We are committed to provide excellent booking facility as well as working hard with Trusts as well to make sure you are getting best services while you stay. We’ll make sure that we are advancing with technology as well services continuously.

Our Objective:

Suggest the right place, help users to reach there with ease. Increase the occupancy so the trust can use the increased revenue towards good cause.

Our intention is to divert today’s generation towards Dharmshalas, so they can stay near to religious activities, let them feel the magic of holly religious by staying at Dharmshalas and feel the difference. Let them understand the importance and learn the rituals. They can eat healthy and good food at Bhojanshalas over restaurants.

We would like to remind them that this is the best available option in many places. They feel that seeing is believing and they want easy accessibility. Most of today’s generation are inclined towards internet and if not they are going there. Few years down the line they will be doing all their transactions online as it is convenient and just fingertip away.

Same time, today’s trusts are understanding this and providing the excellent infrastructure as well as service to the visitors. We would make it available on internet so everyone can see the facility, services, proximity and the surrounding. We’ll try to continuously improve on our facilities as well to make happy – happy situation for Dharmshalas owners as well as the users.


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