• Located 3 km from the KSRTC bus stand, Dandwate Ashram offers two-bedded AC rooms, four-bedded non AC rooms as well as dormitory accommodation. This a...

    • Check-In:02:00 PM
    • Check-Out:02:00 PM
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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  • Located 3 km from the Ganagapur KSRTC Temple Bus Stand, Avadhut Ashram offers two-bedded non-AC rooms, four-bedded AC and non-AC rooms, as well as dor...

    • Check-In:24:00 Hours
    • Check-Out:24:00 Hours
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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  • Located 500 meter from the Ganagapur Bus Stand. Ganagapur - YD Stay 26803 (Sri Anasuya Datta Lodge) offers three bedded AC rooms. Meals are avail...

    • Check-In:04:00 PM
    • Check-Out:04:00 PM
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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Accommodation/Hotels in Ganagapur

If you are planning a trip with your family to Ganagapura then, we have some best accommodation options available for a stay which are Ganagapur Dandawater Ashram and Ganagapur Avadhute Ashram at budget cost with appropriate facilities. They provide many facilities, which are Food, parking, CCTV, Hot water, Drinking water, and attached toilets with good hospitality. There are many sightseeing places close to accommodation which are Gangapur Dattatreya Temple, and Sri Kalleshwar shanishwar Devasthan temple are top attractions that are close to accommodation that tourists should visit. Make your stay memorable in Ganagapura with the availability of nearby attractions including all the best amenities. If you have any queries then, visit YatraDham.Org.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What are accommodation options available for stay?

There are a number of accommodation options for your night stay which are Ganagapura Avadhuta Ashram and Ganagapur Dandawate Ashram at a budget price with good hospitality. For more details visit, YatraDham.Org

2. What are tourist places close to Dharamshala?

Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple and Sri kalleshwar Shanishwar devas than temple are close to accommodations that tourists should visit.

3.Where do most travelers like to stay in Ganagapur?

Most Travelers like to book rooms near tourist places most of the other places of interest are nearby.

4. Are Hotels available near Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple?

Ganagapura- Avadhuta Ashram and Ganagapur- Dandawate Ashram are 2.5 km away from the Ganagapur Dattatreya Temple.

5.Is online room booking available in Ganagapur?

Yes, YatraDham.Org provides the facility to book and secure your night’s stay in Ganagapura before you reach the venue.

6. What is the Dattatreya temple famous for?

Pandukas of Shri Narasimha Saraswati swami are worshiped which is known as “Nirgun Paduka”.People with mental disabilities and people suffering from chronic death worship Nirgun Paduka.

7. Do Hotels in Ganagapur have any check-in policy?

Many hotels provide a 24-hour check-in policy. It is still recommended to call and inquire before Booking.


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