Poicha Room Booking

Jain Dharamshala in Rajpipla, Mrityunjaya Ashram, Poicha, and Rajpipla Palace hotel are some places where rooms can be booked. Besides, there are a few other hotels in Rajpipla.

Poicha Swaminarayan Temple

Poicha images when seen, make you want to go there. They can be seen in hundreds on websites. Neelkanth Dham temple is a work of love and devotion by Swaminarayan devotees. The Poicha garden is a riot of colours and a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Poicha Aarti is known as ‘Nilkanth Prabhu ni Aarti’ at the Poicha temple. Poicha Swaminarayan room bookings can be done on the YatraDham.Org website

Poicha Activities

A visit to Neelkanth Dham Poicha can include numerous activities. You can stroll in the Poicha Garden after darshan. Poicha and the Statue of Unity are not too distant. Statue of Unity timings can be checked on the website. A Poicha tour and places to visit near Poicha Swaminarayan include Sardar Sarovar dam, Flower Valley, and Zarwani. Nilkanth Dham to Statue of Unity distance is about 40 km.

How to reach Poicha

There is no Poicha railway station and the nearest major station to Poicha is Vadodara Jn. Poicha Swaminarayan mandir bus timings from various places can be found out when planning to go. Ahmedabad to Poicha can be traveled by train, bus, or taxi. Vadodara to Poicha taxi is easily available and the fare is Rs.8 - 10 per km. From Surat to Poicha one can go by train, bus or taxi.


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