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Hotels and Dharamshala in Maihar

Are you looking for accommodation in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. As you can imagine, finding good hotels or guesthouses in Madhya Pradesh can be quite difficult, but we have a page dedicated to providing you with the best information possible.

If you are looking for budget hotels in Maihar, then you should consider Hotel Aastha Yatri Niwas and Shri Ram Krishna Yatri Niwas. Both of these options are at a reasonable cost and offer the perfect blend of affordability and comfort. Maihar is an incredibly beautiful tourist destination in India. There are many attractions and activities to enjoy, such as ancient temples, lush green forests and riverside locations. If you want to make your stay in Maihar even more memorable, then you can contact us at

We can provide you with all the necessary information and help you make your experience in Maihar unforgettable. Whether you are looking for hotels near a railway station, hotels near a temple or simply want to find the best budget hotel in Maihar, we can help you out. We provide information about all the local attractions and amenities, helping you to make the most of your stay in Maihar.

So, don't hesitate to contact us for any and all of your accommodation needs in Maihar. At, we are here to help you find the perfect accommodation for your stay in this beautiful city.

More About Maihar Stay

Starting Room Price Rs. 899
Properties Available Hotels and Dharamshala
Maihar Hotels 3+
Places to visit in Maihar Maihar Ropeway Hill Point
Nearby Temples Maa Sharda Temple

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What are the accommodations options available for your stay?

There are several options available for your stay which are Hotel Aastha Yatri Niwas, and Shri Ram Krishna Yatri Niwas at decent cost with convenient services. For more details, contact YatraDham.Org.

2. What are the amenities provided by Dormitories?

Shri Ram Krishna Yatri Niwas Maihar and Hotel Aastha Yatri Niwas provide a Food facility, Parking facility, Drinking water facility, Hot water facility, and attached toilets at budget cost with appropriate services.

3. What are the tourist places close to the Guesthouses or Hotels?

Maa Sharda Devi Temple, Bara Akhara Mandir, Gola Nath Mandir, Maihar ropeway, and Alpha Deo Mandir, are the sightseeing places that tourists should visit and are close to the Accommodation.

4. Where do Yatris like to stay in Maihar?

Most travellers prefer to book rooms near tourist places as most of the sightseeing places are nearby.

5. Is Dharamshala available near Railway Station?

Shri Ram Krishna Yatri Niwas which has 2.2 Km away from the Railway station.

6. Is Online room booking available in Maihar?

Yes, YatraDham.Org provides the facility to book and secure your night’s stay in Maihar before you reach the venue.