• Located 1.5 km from the Orchha bus stand, YD Stay 20001 offers two-bedded AC and non AC rooms as well as larger seven-bedded rooms. Meals are availabl...

    • Check-In:11:00 AM
    • Check-Out:11:00 AM
    • Food Facility:Yes
    • Parking:Yes
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  • Located 900 meter from the Orchha Bus Stand, YD Stay 31501 (Hotel Sunset) in Orchha offers two-bedded AC and non AC rooms. Parking space for vehi...

    • Check-In:11:00 AM
    • Check-Out:11:00 AM
    • Food Facility:No
    • Parking:Yes
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Hotels/Guesthouse in Orchha

Are you looking for the best options for your stay in the beautiful city of Orchha? Look no further! YatraDham.Org is here to provide you with the best options for your stay in Orchha, from the luxurious Hotel Hevin to the budget-friendly Hotel Sunset. Both of them offer great amenities and facilities at minimum cost, making your stay in Orchha much more comfortable.

Apart from these two hotels, there are many other sightseeing places that you must visit to make your Orchha experience more memorable. From the iconic Shri Ram Raja Mandir to the grand Chaturbhuj Temple, there’s a lot to explore in Orchha. Besides, the historical monuments of Orchha Fort, Jahangir Mahal and Royal Chhatris are only a few kilometers away from these two hotels, making it easier for you to explore the city.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What accommodations options are available in Orchha?

There are a number of accommodations options are available in Orchha are Orchha-YD Stay 20001(Hotel Hevin), and Orchha-YD stays 31501(Hotel sunset) at a decent cost with convenient services.

2. What is the facility available in Orchha accommodations?

Orchha-YD Stay 20001(Hotel hevin) and Orchha- YD Stay 31501(Hotel sunset) provide many amenities which are a Food facility, Parking Facility, Drinking water facility, Hot water facility, and attached toilets with good hospitality at a reasonable cost.

3. What are the tourist places closed to the Hotels?

Shri ram raja Mandir(600 m), Amar Mahal(1.1km), Chaturbhuj Temple(1.2km), Orchha fort(1.3km), Jahangir Mahal(1.6km), Royal Chhatris(2.2km) are the sightseeing places that tourist shout visit and closed to accommodations.

4. Is online room Booking available in Orchha?

Yes, YatraDham.Org provides the facility to book and secure your night’s stay in Orchha before you reach the venue.

5. Do hotels in Orchha have any check-in policies?

Orchha- YD Stay 20001(Hotel Hevin), and Orchha-YD Stay 31501(Hotel sunset) provide an 11:00 AM check-in policy. It is still recommended to call and inquire before Booking.

6. Why is Orchha famous?

Orchha is the former capital of the Bundela rulers. The city is steeped in history and is famous for its palaces and temples built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The architectural splendor of the Orchha monuments reflects the grandeur of its rulers.

7. Where do yatris like to stay in Orchha?

Most of the yatris like to book rooms near tourist places because most of the other places of interest are nearby.


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