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Are you looking for accommodation in Badami, Telangana? Then, we have some best options for you which are Badami Hotel Sanman Deluxe at a budget price with the appropriate facility. Make your stay memorable in Badami with the availability of nearby attractions including all the best amenities. There are many sightseeing places near accommodation which are Badami Cave temples, Agastya lake, Bhuthanatha temple, Banashankari Temple, and Mahakuteshwara temple which are attractions that tourists should visit. There are many beautiful things to see, ranging from ancient temples, and beautiful locations. If you want to know more then, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. What accommodation options are available for stay?

There are several accommodation options available for stay at Badami YD Stay 273001Hotel Sanman Deluxe at minimum cost with appropriate services. For more details, visit YatraDham.Org.

2. Why is Badami famous?

It is famous for its rock-carved monuments like Badami Cave Temples as well as structural temples, like Bhootnath Temples, Badami Shivalaya, and jambulingeshwar Temple. It is located in a ravine at the bottom of a hard, red sandstone around Agastya Lake.

3. What are tourist places close to accommodation?

Badani cave temples, Agastya Lake, Bhuthanatha temple, Banashankari Temple, and Mahakuteshwara temple are top attractions that are close to accommodation that tourists should visit.

4. Where do most travelers like to stay in Badami?

Most travelers like to book rooms near tourist places because most of the other places of interest are nearby.

5. Do lodges in Badami have any check-in Policy?

Many lodges provide a 24-hour check-in policy. It is still recommended to call and inquire before Booking.

6. What are the top amenities provided by accommodation in Badami?

Badami- YD Stay 273001(Hotel Sanman Deluxe) provides a Food facility, Parking facility, Drinking water facility, Hot water facility, CCTV, and attached toilets at a reasonable cost with good hospitality.

7. Is online room Booking available in Badami?

Yes, YatraDham.Org provides the facility to book and secure your night’s stay in Badami before you reach the venue.


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